From inspiration to the first draft—how to gather ideas for fiction


The idea of a book can emerge from almost anything: family dynamics, relationships, a character you have known or imagined, your personal sufferings, a fantasy, or a breaking news that brought your attention. But rarely these ideas appear full-blown. They can come to you in a sequence or randomly at different stages of your writing. Somewhere between these ideas and 300-400 pages of fiction, they need to be collected and pulled together in a cohesive manuscript.

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Self published books- Mayhem of Marketing and promotion

Close your eyes and imagine an author. Let me tell you what I would have imagined a few years back. I might have imagined a person writing under the piles of books or reading at a scenic lonely place. But today even the picture in my imagination has changed. What do I see now is a person who wants to cling to its laptop but is pulled in a different direction: in the clutter of the digital marketing world.

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